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Catch Jack Benny along side Carole Lombard in To Be Or Not To Be, tonight on TMC at 8pm! 

Look who I found at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum today!

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Lights Out

Program: Lights Out
Episode: Death Robbery
Air Date:  1947-07-16
Starring: Boris Karloff

A scientist (played by Boris Karloff) finally perfects his method for bringing animals back from the dead.  When he tries it on his recently deceased beloved wife… things go horribly, horribly wrong.  

(OK, I’ll admit it - this one gave me the creeps!)

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Marlowe Mondays

Philip Marlowe, tough as a 40 cent steak

ProgramThe Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode: The Persian Slippers
Air Date:1948-10-03
Cast: Gerald Mohr as Marlowe

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Marlowe Mondays, once again!

ProgramThe Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode: Trouble Is My Business
Air Date:1947-08-05
Cast: Van Heflin as Marlowe

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Cloak and Dagger

Program: Cloak and Dagger
Episode:  File 2218
Airdate:  1950-05-07
StarringRaymond Edward Johnson, Everett Sloane, Jackson Beck

So, today during my tour of UMD’s Broadcast Archives, I learned that Mae West had been banned from radio following a rather suggestive appearance in a 1937 Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy sketch.   So as a good librarian/historian/Mae West fan it is obviously my duty to find this gem of a sketch and pass along it to you…

On 12 December 1937, Mae West appeared on the Chase and Sanborn Hour with ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his monocled knee-pal (dummy), Charlie McCarthy. Stars of stage and screen and airwaves, Bergen and McCarthy had a huge following, and West was keen to promote her latest film, Every Day’s a Holiday. She appeared in two sketches, including “The Garden of Eden” with Don Ameche, and a flirtatious banter with McCarthy. The announcer introduces the meeting as “the romantic battle of the century”, a contest of seduction which the dummy might just prove strong enough to resist. There follows a blistering back-and-forth, during which West describes Charlie as “all wood and a yard long”. This was too much for many listeners (though the studio audience found it hilarious), especially on a Sunday, and the Federal Communications Commission deemed it indecent. NBC banned West (you couldn’t even mention her name) from all their radio stations. She didn’t appear on radio until January 1950.

I spent the greatest afternoon at the University of Maryland’s Radio Broadcast Archives today!  Michael Henry, Research Specialist in the Mass Media and Culture Collection gave us a tour of the broadcast library and special collections, and provided an incredible amount of information on the history, formats, and stars of old time radio.  Above are a few photos I snapped during the tour - and Mr. Henry was so kind to pull out some Jack Benny outtake stills of a photo shoot from Radio Times.  I’ve worked with digitizing video/audio collections in the past, but had never seen anything as extensive as UMD’s holdings: they had thousands of photographs, books, radio scripts, and audio recordings in every media imaginable (and some even unimaginable- wire recordings, for example).  in addition to radio, their collection contains such a huge wealth of material on television, the history of humor, magazine serials, memorabilia, biographies, etc. etc.  Their catalogue is available to view online, and if anyone interested in broadcast history is near the Maryland/DC area - I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation to visit these archives.  A big thank you again to UMD, if you’re not already following them on Tumblr, make sure to do so!

(Also:  If you’re wondering about the Mae West photo and her ban from the radio waves… see the next post!)

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The Last Days of John Dillinger,
May 10, 1954


Suspense (5-10-1954) "The Last Days of John Dillinger" starring film star Van Heflin in a highly fictionalized account of the final days of Public Enemy Number One. And sadly, it’s more factual than the Johnny Depp flick “Public Enemy.” …Or any of the other films, for that matter.

Contrary to the portrayal here, Johnnie was not a mad dog killer and it still has never been proven whether or not he killed anyone. However, this being the anniversary of the shooting outside of the Biograph Theater in Chicago, it still makes for good listening. (Running Time: 29:48)

I hope everyone enjoys!

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Marlowe Monday continues with…

ProgramThe Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode: The King In Yellow
Air Date:1947-07-08
Cast: Van Heflin as Marlowe

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

It’s Marlowe Mondays (yes, this is a ‘thing’ now) where we can all listen to Raymond Chandler’s Detective Philip Marlowe crack wise at murderers, charm dames, and have a pearl handle .25 pointed at him at least once an episode.  

Program: The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode: Red Wind
Air Date:1947-06-14
Cast: Van Heflin as Marlowe

Happy 39th Birthday to Jack Benny!

Happy 39th Birthday to Jack Benny!

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Burns and Allen,
430608 (AFRS)


Burns And Allen - Grace And Tootsie Work For A Millionaire Playboy

AFRS airdate : June 08, 1943

Thanks Warner Archive for another great podcast!!

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Tonights Broadcast Is…

Program: Theater Five Radio
Episode: Nightmare at 26,000 Feet
Original Air Date: May 11, 1965
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction

When the pilots of a commercial plane are murdered mid-flight, the passengers must determine how they will land the plane as they slowly succumb to madness.

Safe travels in the next few weeks, everyone!  :)